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Weird Crushes: Hollywood Hunks

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Weird Crushes - Hollywood Hunks is a celebration of those weird celebrity crushes we’ve all got hidden away. Those guilty pleasures that are usually shut down with a disgusted, “Wait, what? Really?!”

Players take turns to pit one of their Hollywood hunks against those of their opponents. We’ve rated these guilty pleasures out of 10 for sex appeal, charisma, style, likeability and fame. So, make sure you pick a category that one of your hunks scores highly in.

For example, Macaulay Culkin doesn’t rate so highly on the sex appeal. Don’t we all still see him as Kevin in Home Alone?? Because of that, he’s far less likely to win in that category over someone like Jeff Goldblum. That guy just keeps on getting sexier. So he’s much more likely to trump the competition in the sex appeal category. Swit swoo.

If your dodgy dude manages to outscore the rest, you collect all the cards from that round. Alright! It’s then your turn to name a new category of judgement and put another one of your rough diamonds against the best of the rest.

The game ends when one player has all the cards (if you get that far). That player is crowned the winner.

Weird Crushes - Hollywood Hunks is a strangely sexy take on the classic top trumps card game. Play it. Enjoy it. But don’t blame us if/when you fall out with your BFFs.

- 55 weirdly hot male Hollywood celebrities rated out of 10 for 5 different categories
- Who rates best for sex appeal, charisma, style, likeability or fame?
- Outscore your opponents to win cards
- Relieve your opponents of all their cards to win the game
- Includes every veneered smile, brow lift and nip tuck in LA LA land