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The Oliver - Shower Mirror

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Time is precious. But looking good is just as important. You need your sleep, so it's possible you just pressed that snooze button one too many times. So what gives? Do you rock up to work late and shaved, or do you go to that meeting looking like you just crawled out of bed (because you did)? What if you could shave in the shower, but without cutting your face to pieces? Try taking that home depot vanity mirror in the shower with you. With all that steam, it's just not going to work.

With the best shower mirror for the job though, it's easy. And Tooletries made it! The Oliver Shower Mirror is not only designed with a shatterproof mirror, and super easy to fit - it's the anti-fog shower mirror you (and perhaps your boss) have been waiting for. This fogless shower mirror allows you to lather, shave and rinse right there in the shower. Designed with Patent Pending Silicone Grip Technology, it sticks without screws, suction cups or adhesives. It'll grip right on to shower tiles, glass, marble and even metal tiling. Not only is it easy to fit, it never loses its grip, no matter how many times it's been moved. So if you move house, or you just can't decide which is your best side, you just go ahead and move it.

Why shave in the shower?

Using a shower shaving mirror makes a lot of sense. Steam not only softens your bristles but opens the pores, which helps keep your skin in great condition. It's designed to fit neatly above or beside our other bathroom storage solutions, so you can have all you need right at hand. This could be the shower shaving mirror you have ever seen, and the last fog free shower mirror you will ever need - so what are you waiting for?

Patent Pending Silicone Grip Technology
Sticks to Shiny Surfaces; Glass, Mirror, Shiny Tiles, Marble
Functional Modern, Fog Free Mirror
Removable & Reusable
Shatterproof Poly-Carbonate Material
Measures 6.5" x 5.5�