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The Harvey - Toothbrush Holder

Regular price $18.00

You don't need us to tell you what a toothbrush holder is - you just need to know what the best toothbrush holder is. We think it's one that holds more than just your toothbrush, and sticks easily anywhere. And to anything. That's why Tooletries made the Harvey Toothbrush & Razor Holder. Not just a toothbrush holder, not just a razor holder, it's the best of both.

Made out of antibacterial material so it's super hygienic, with drainage holes to ensure there's nowhere for bacteria to breed. Kind of like putting your toothbrush and toothpaste in your razor mug holder, only way better. Why get a toothbrush stand that takes up more space on your counter or bathroom shelf, when you can wall mount a razor and tooth brush holder so easily?

No longer will you find yourself groping around in the mornings wondering where the heck you left your stuff. And with the patent-pending Silicone Grip technology, you can store them wherever suits you; on the mirror, the bathroom wall, or right there in the shower. This system is designed to stick anywhere and to anything. Also designed to fit perfectly with other Tooletries brilliant bathroom storage ideas. What's more, if you move, or you just want a different view of you, it can be reapplied as many times as you like.

Not just the king of toothbrush holders, but the best razor blade holder too. Tooletries has already done the thinking for you, so you can concentrate on getting yourself ready to face the day.