The Benjamin - Soap Dish

The Benjamin - Soap Dish
The Benjamin - Soap Dish

The Benjamin - Soap Dish

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The Benjamin Soap Holder has everything a person could possibly want from a soap dish: plus, it�s convenient, hygienic and super easy to fit. For the modern woman on the go (or the man who just overslept), having everything you need waiting for you in the shower is not a luxury,; it�s a must. But washing in dirty soap is a no go: that�s why we made this super hygienic shower soap holder, just for you. So you can throw away that plastic soap holder, and make room on your sink top for more important things.

Made from 100% silicone it's custom drainage holes allow water to drain away, leaving nowhere for bacteria to breed. Even if over time soap scum accumulates in the joins, simply remove from the wall and wash under warm water before replacing on the wall. As with all Tooletries bathroom accessories, the silicone grip technology means you can remove and reapply as many times as you wish. And even if you drop it, it will never smash like a ceramic soap holder might.

To install, simply remove the protective backing sheet, stick the product to a clean, dry and shiny surface. That�s it, and you�re ready to use your brand new soap bar holder. Go you. This shower soap holder requires no tools, no glue or permanent mounts. It�s removable and reusable and leaves no residue. So you can remove and wash, and reposition wherever, whenever you wish. And unlike a magnetic soap holder, you�re not restricted to those little strips of metal.

If you require even more than this from a shower soap dish, with this soap holder travel is easy. So you truly can go forth and organise with this ultimate bathroom soap holder.

6"x 4"x 3"

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