Rock 'n' Roll Bride

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by Kat Williams

What if you can�t find your face in the sea of lookalike brides? Perhaps you are arguing with family over your �wacky� wedding ideas? Wondering how to reconcile tradition with modern-day feminist values? Or simply wondering where the hell to start? Rock �n� Roll Bride, the book, is here to help. Featuring an array of inspirational photography from both real-life weddings and aspirational editorials to get your creative juices flowing, from gothic to bohemian, rockabilly to unicorn rainbow princess, you�ll see unique individuals, rocking their wedding day just the way they want to. Founder of Rock �n� Roll Bride, Kat Williams, offers information on all aspects of organizing a wedding, as well as refreshingly honest advice, answering those difficult questions on every modern bride�s mind - from family politics to dealing with anxiety on your wedding day. Being a Rock �n� Roll Bride is not about being cool, a rebel, or even thinking of the most unique idea you can. It�s about planning a day that reflects you and your partner and allows you to be you. Your wedding, your rules!