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Midcentury Modern Design

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In this beautifully photographed book, Keith and Mark of Mini Moderns show you how to create a timeless mid-century look in your own home.

Keith and Mark of Mini Moderns refer to their design ethos as 'pattern with a story'. In this beautifully photographed book, they bring you the stories behind their designs and show you how you can use pattern and mid-century style to tell a story in your own home.

Under the Influence explains their "pattern with a story" design ethos and sources of inspiration, ranging from childhood memories to commentaries on popular culture.

Elements of Style delves into the cornerstones of mid-century style, from color and pattern to materials and curation. Here for the first time, they share their secrets on how to bring together the things you love. From adapting some slightly unloved mid-century pieces of furniture by reupholstering them or painting them to then combining them with vases or homewares, you can transform a space or a corner of a room. In Get Mini Modernised, specific case studies demonstrate particular looks for introducing cool pattern to your home, from Beatnik Beach House to Scandi Rustic, Seaside Modern to Studio Townhouse.