Krampus Men’s Crew Socks

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Being Krampus is a very important task indeed. Dealing with ungrateful or mean youngsters during what should be the nicest season can certainly make any creature want to throw a hoof! But Krampus can "strongly encourage" anyone to turn good, even the most stubborn children. During its off-season, this beast likes to enjoy a nice, cold ice cream on a sunny day and brush up on some of the latest techniques of…persuasion. Come Krampusnacht, the beast is ready to go to work and make all the bad in the world good for their best pal, Santa Claus. Wear these socks on your feet to celebrate the creature that can make everyone their kindest and most generous self! And remember, be nice or he’ll come for you too!

56% Cotton, 41% Polyester, 3% Spandex Made in S. Korea.

Approximately fits men's shoe size 7-13 and women's shoe size 8.5-14.5.