Pelosi Candle

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Nancy Pelosi once said, "No one gives you power. You have to take it from them." And this is also true of candles! No one is going to give you a Nancy Pelosi-Scented Candle. You have to reach out and take it for yourself (by paying us money and then we will mail to you.)

Nancy Pelosi puts up with a lot, and that is why she deserves to have her own candle. Actually, she deserves more than just her own candle, but the only thing we make is candles. (Sorry, Nancy Pelosi!)

A couple of things to note about this candle:

- It smells like chocolate, because Nancy Pelosi LOVES chocolate. But it does not taste like chocolate. (Trust us on this one!)

- There is a swear word on the label. (Look closely and see if you can find it!) Nancy Pelosi does not like swearing, but we couldn't help ourselves, because Nancy Pelosi is a big fucking deal! (Sorry again, Nancy Pelosi!)