Impeachment Candle

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Do you smell a whiff of impeachment in the air? Hopefully, yes. Mainly for the sake of the republic, but also because it means that you're enjoying our Impeachment-Scented Candle!

Studies have shown that it's often the anticipation of an event, rather than the event itself, that brings you happiness. And that's why we've created the Impeachment-Scented Candle. It offers a flicker of hope for when you need it. And, for days when you need more than just a flicker of hope, the lid features a spinner with ideas for actual, small steps you can take toward making America great again (but, you know, for real this time).

In reality, an impeachment probably smells like printer toner and sweaty congressional interns sprinting around Capitol Hill. But that's not what this candle smells like. What DOES it smell like? We'll give you a hint: It combines two scents that you can spell with the letters in the word "impeachment." But which two? Peach and mint? Catnip and cement? Paint and mice? You'll just have to buy it to find out!