Family Dinner Night Puzzle

Family Dinner Night Puzzle
Family Dinner Night Puzzle
Family Dinner Night Puzzle

Family Dinner Night Puzzle

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1,000 piece puzzle.

23" x 23"

This family dinner party has the most intriguing guests—children, adults, and animals—all eating, singing, and enjoying one another’s company. All are welcome! Pull a chair up to the table and celebrate with this colorful and whimsical risograph-style illustration. Observe the bass-playing crocodile on the mezzanine, the mice watching the festivities from the bookshelf, and the little animals lying in wait under the table. It will be a night to remember. Illustrated by the Japanese artist Asahi Nagata.

Asahi Nagata was born in Sapporo, on the island Hokkaido in Japan. She now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her baby and two cats, Journie and Shi-Shi. Asahi works at a tiny workstation in the corner of her living room during her baby's nap time or after she goes to bed. Her work is inspired by vintage risographs, screen printing and linocuts. To unwind, Asahi may be founding going for a walk in her local park, reading manga, or visiting local vintage shops.

An extended family gathering deserves a festive feast;
Today’s is very special, an EVENT, to say the least!
The table’s strewn with cakes and fruits, baked goodies by the score,
And Frog and Pig are carrying a tray, with even more!

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