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Drag Queen Coloring Book

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Experiencing full boredom realness? The Drag Queen Coloring Book is the chiccest thing in coloring in for adults. It makes a great idea for a travel gift for a friend, especially if they live for Drag Race. And at 25x17.5cm it’ll fit right into any purse or handbag - you can tuck it away anywhere!

We’ve brought back all the top girls from the Drag Race for your coloring pleasure - we’re talking the sassiest lineup in herstory. That’s 20 iconic queens and their catchphrases, including Latrice Royale, Bianca Del Rio and of course, Mama Ru herself.

So ditch the eyeliner, pick up some gorgeous coloring pencils and enjoy shading in these shady ladies with the Drag Queen Coloring Book. May the best coloring in WIN!

So good luck. And don’t f…orget to condragulate yourself for staying within the lines!