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Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth

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Dear Luke, we need to talk, Darth: and other pop culture correspondences.

We all know how Darth Vader shared his big secret with Luke S, but what if he had delivered the news in a handwritten note instead? And what if someone found that letter, as well as all of the drafts that landed in the dark lord’s trash can? In the riotously funny collection dear Luke, we need to talk. Darth, John Moe finally reveals these lost notes alongside all the imagined letters, e-mails, text messages, and other correspondences your favorite pop culture icons never meant for you to see.

From the walking dead to the wizard of Oz, from Billy Joel to breaking bad, no reference escapes Moe’s imaginative wit and keen sense of nostalgia. Read captain James T. Kirk’s lost log entries and yelp reviews of the bates motel and cheers. Peruse top secret British intelligence files revealing the fates of agents 001–006, or don draper’s cocktail recipe cards.