Ayaba by Ananda Nahu 500 Piece Puzzle

Ayaba by Ananda Nahu 500 Piece Puzzle
Ayaba by Ananda Nahu 500 Piece Puzzle

Ayaba by Ananda Nahu 500 Piece Puzzle

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Created in partnership with Bloomberg, this piece is a celebration of the awakening of Black consciousness in Brazil, full of color and creativity. Ayaba by Dope Pieces Artist Ananda Nahu is a 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle that measures 18 x 24 inches and is dope enough to frame.

Kris Hale is the founder of Dope Pieces Puzzle Company, a brand that celebrates and affirms diversity through art and puzzles. She has been an avid puzzler since she was five years old, with many friends and relatives sharing in her love for this pastime. However, there was always one issue - finding images that reflected diverse experiences and cultures proved to be quite difficult.

Hale hopes the company will play an integral role in the New Black Renaissance that is being driven by an intentional cultural shift. A shift that is steeped in economic empowerment through conscious consumerism, and driven by a new mandate that says, “We will be visible and will support brands that affirm and feature our full existence.”

The mission for Dope Pieces Puzzle Company is to produce puzzles that are visually stimulating, unique, beautiful, and culturally inclusive. They vow to showcase the work of talented Artists of Color that positively represent the Black and Brown diaspora.

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